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Our new larger infant room is now open! Which means your child can now go from birth to college at the ROSE Center if needed! (Our sister company and next door neighbor is ‘ROSE Academy, LLC’ a private grade school.) This room has been designed just for our infants, made to the right size to fit the Early Learning Coalition Standards and fitted with the age appropriate equipment and supplies. Like all of our classrooms we have giant interior windows and glass doors giving increased visibility to parents and staff. Our staff to child ratio in this room is 1 to 4 or better. This is to make sure that at this small age extra care is given to meet their individual needs.

“We love this place and so does our daughter. She is in the infant room. If you want a great place, Rose is it." -Google post
"Thank you to Joe and all the Rose Child Care staff for the amazing care you give my son, Enzo. He can't talk yet but I can see the happiness on his face every morning when I drop him off and he is always happy as a clam when I pick him up. Thank you for the skill building, excellent care, and quality activities you do with my son every day!" Rosie Lang, parent
“Working with young children has always been my passion. I love thinking of new ways to encourage my babies’ development each and every day. I also love how I am able to follow the children's lead as they explore their environments and learn new concepts. This self-led exploration with occasional guidance is crucial for the babies to learn. The smiles and giggles I get from them are the best part of my day!" -Lindsay Breffle, ROSE Child Care, LLC teacher
"Teaching and caring for children warms my heart and gives me a great deal of self-satisfaction and happiness. Knowing that I'm guiding and touching the lives of all my baby friends, makes me feel great. I love creating lesson plans and watching the babies play and learn while engaging in the activities. I couldn't ask for a more self-satisfying job, than being the teacher and care taker of all of the precious babies in my room!" -Meghan White, ROSE Child Care, LLC teacher

Picture of the infant room.
 Location: 1268-F Timberlane Road, Tallahassee   850-668-3717