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Our largest room in the center is devoted to this age group of 4 year old VPK students and their soon to be VPK younger class of 3 year old students. During the day these two age groups will get time together, time as two separate classes and one on one teaching time with their instructors. This individual time as well as class time and guided free time prepares them for Kindergarten and has given us our perfect VPK score. Only eleven schools out of almost 200 have achieved this score. These Readiness Rates are based on tests given to the children as they head into Kindergarten. This classroom is filled with age appropriate supplies and activities and the walls are lined with the children’s work. They also have plenty of outside time with the sand yard out their side door and the rubber mulch playground out their back door. As with all the classrooms the students have their own bathroom.

"Rose Child Care is wonderful. Their hourly rate is perfect for anyone's schedule. I love the owner and his dedication to children. His staff are great and very focused on language development. My kids love it." -Keri DiBuono, parent
"Rose provides a safe and loving environment for my son. We feel great comfort in knowing that he is receiving quality care, while learning through their great curriculum of discovery and play. He truly enjoys his days playing and learning with all of his friends! I have watched my son blossom over the last three years at Rose and am extremely fortunate to have chosen a center that has played such a positive role in his social/cognitive development." -Arika A. Pender, parent
"I have been teaching preschool since 2001. I have received many different Teaching Credentials over the years. I am currently the Lead Pre-K, VPK Teacher and Assistant Director here at Rose Child Care, LLC. I originally came here looking for a good place to put my daughter, so I could go back to work. Upon my visit I was amazed by the way the children interacted with and loved their teachers. I loved how the staff got along with each other and how everyone seemed to be so happy all the time. By the time I left I was convinced that not only was this the best place for my daughter, but it was also the best place for me! So, I turned down my job offer at another private school and applied for a position here at Rose. I can honestly say that I still love coming to work/ school every day and the staff is still truly amazing! I am still very impressed in how well everyone gets along and works together to make sure the children are happy and stay safe while they are learning tons of new and exciting things every day! I absolutely adore getting to spend time with these amazing young children. I am glad that I am getting the opportunity to build such strong relationships with these children that both they and I will get to carry with us throughout the rest of our lives.” –Micha Sutherland, ROSE Child Care teacher

 Location: 1268-F Timberlane Road, Tallahassee   850-668-3717