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Young Toddlers

This room is positioned just outside our new infant room with a giant apple tree painted down the wall and age appropriate toys filling every space. Children spend the day learning through planning and play with circle time and center time. Along with this great space they get to go outside to play in many of our different age appropriate yard spaces. It is also surrounded by giant interior and exterior windows giving extra light and visibility to our parents and teachers. Like our school this class is small which gives your child more personal time with the teacher and peers.

"I want to say thank you to you and everyone at Rose Child Care. I was really concerned about Alexa’s transition from home care to center care, in addition to all the other changes related to the move. The drop offs the last few days have been tough for both me and Alexa. Your amazing staff has made it easier on both of us. More than anything I wanted Alexa to be loved and it looks like I have found that for her. So thank you and your amazing staff. Thank you for the wonderful opportunities you provide the children every day and thank you for the caring love you all give the children!" - Kendra, Parent
"I believe that each child deserves a safe, nurturing environment that provides them with lots of love and affection. Children need secure and stimulating settings in order to thrive emotionally, intellectually and socially." -Gigi Moore, ROSE Child Care, LLC teacher

Picture of the young toddler room.

Location: 1268-F Timberlane Road, Tallahassee   850-668-3717